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After the death of Louis T. Mayea in 1940, his sons, Louie and Herbert, took over the family business.  The brothers decided the name “Mayea Boats” for their crafts was long, and hard for people to pronounce. The brothers turned to the shortened name their father, Louis, had sometimes used: May.  From that point on, Mayea boats were known as Mays Crafts.  The brothers were heavily influenced by their father’s passion for hand crafted one-of-a-kind boats.  All Mays Crafts are designed and built specifically for an enthusiast by third and fourth generation Mayea’s who are carrying on knowledge that has been handed down from father to son.  The Mayea family is perhaps the oldest family-owned custom wooden speedboat designer/builder in America.

Each new Mays Craft starts out as a sketch that is then refined into a working hull model following the tradition handed down from Louis. The hull model is then digitized and put into a 3D computer modeling system where calculations are made and refined. The computer model of the hull molds are sent to be CNC machined within a thousandth of an inch.  The molds are then hand assembled and lofted upright as the Mayea family has done for a century.  The Mayea’s use only the highest grade materials available to build Mays Crafts. Each boat is constructed out of hand picked straight grain mahogany.  The backside of every plank and joint are coated with WestSystem® epoxy to ensure strength and water resistant properties.  Paint or varnish is than applied by hand.  Each varnished part on a Mays Craft receives up to 14 hand-applied coats to ensure a smooth high-gloss finish.  All hardware and accessories are custom designed and hand made out of stainless steel. Mays Crafts are built with this blend of tradition and technology to achieve the highest possible standards.