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At Mayea Boat & Aeroplane Works we do not only build boats, we build relationships.  Through the process of design and construction, every new Mays Craft owner becomes part of the Mayea family.

Mays Crafts are exclusive boats built for exclusive customers who share our passion for excellence.  Every Mays Craft is an original design built specifically for an enthusiast.  In an effort to achieve the highest standards possible, only one to two Mays Crafts will be hand built per year.  Each boat represents an accumulation of over 5,000 hand crafted hours.  All Mays Crafts will be designed and built to the owner’s exact specifications.  This allows owners the ability to personalize their Mays Craft in a countless number of ways.  This is also how the owner becomes intimately involved in the building process.

We are proud to build exotic and luxurious boats.  We are also proud of the wonderful customers that we have designed and built boats for over the last 100 years.  We are very happy to have them as part of our family.